The Trick To Preventing Fire Ants In Monmouth County

Fire ants can be a troublesome pest that may even present as dangerous in those with allergy issues. It’s important to learn how to prevent fire ant colonies from forming on your Monmouth County property to stop any negative encounters ahead of time.

The Problem With Fire Ants In Monmouth County

Much more dangerous than a typical household ant, fire ants have copper-colored heads and bodies ranging from reddish to black. They are fairly small insects but pack a powerful punch as they have strong mandibles to bite and a stinger that they use to inject venom into their victim. Fire ants live in mounds that can grow up to 18 inches in height, and, unlike other ant species, there will be no opening in the center of the mound.

Fire ants are aggressive and tend to swarm and attack in large numbers once their mound has been disturbed or if they sense danger. Receiving multiple stings from fire ants can trigger an allergic reaction in humans; individuals with a history of anaphylaxis or allergies to insect stings have a very high risk of serious injury during an encounter with fire ants. More mild reactions to fire ant bites include itching, swelling, redness, or pain around the bitten area.

Additionally, it can be challenging to remove a colony or infestation of fire ants. Besides being aggressive and attacking easily, fire ants will move quickly. At the first sign of trouble, they can relocate their colonies to an entirely different area. This quick reaction and movement time make it difficult to eliminate fire ants completely; you will need a treatment that works both above and below ground, something that the experts at Pride Pest Service can assist you with.

Preventing Fire Ants On Your Monmouth County Property

If you’re worried about fire ant colonies appearing on your Monmouth property, there are a few prevention tactics you can take to deter fire ants from ever stepping foot near your home.

  • Fire ants look for scraps of food and garbage to take back to their colony. Make sure to keep your home clean and free of piles of food waste, spills, and crumbs to prevent fire ants from entering your home or setting up a colony outside your home.
  • Small holes in exterior walls and utility cables can provide all the space a fire ant needs to enter your home. Ensure all gaps and cracks are sealed to prevent fire ants from scouting out food in your home.
  • Like other ants, fire ants are always in search of food. Ensure that any outdoor food storage or pet food is kept sealed tightly to deter fire ants from scouting out a food source near your home.
  • Areas of moisture can attract fire ants as they do need a certain amount of moisture to survive. Fix leaks in and around your property to stop fire ants from accessing a free source of moisture and setting up their colony.

Eliminating Your Fire Ant Troubles

While there may be several home remedies you can try to rid yourself of a fire any infestation in Monmouth County, the most effective way is to contact the professionals at Pride Pest Service. They will be able to provide you with a full evaluation of your fire ant problem and give you targeted treatments that can eliminate your fire ant troubles once and for all.

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