Tips for Dealing With a Bee Problem!

Don’t let stinging pests put a damper on your summer! Bees are important insects that play a vital role in nature’s ecological system. They pollinate plants, making it possible for us to enjoy blossoming flowers and fruits. But bees can also become a big problem, especially when they decide to make a home near yours. Here are some tips for dealing with a bee problem.

Don’t Try to Handle Bees Yourself

Bees can be quite dangerous. If you or a loved one is allergic to bee stings, the danger can even include health risks. Remember, if you’ve never had a bee sting, you could be allergic and not even know it. For that reason alone, don’t try to handle bees yourself. When you have a bee problem, contact Pride Pest Services in Monmouth County, NJ. Our expert pest technicians can take steps to eliminate the bee problem without jeopardizing you or your family’s health.

Suspend Family Activities Until the Bee Problem is Taken Care Of

Get those bees removed from your patio, under your deck, and around your home before allowing family members to be in danger. Bee hives, even when they are just starting to form, are dangerous when they are near family activities. Bee colonies sometimes respond to loud noises in very unpleasant ways. They may swarm onto people or things in an effort to stop the unwanted activity. Never let your kids play near a place where you have sighted a bee hive, or near a place where bees are swarming. Suspend family activities until the bee problem is taken care of. Typically, if you contact Pride Pest Services in Monmouth County, NJ, the bee problem can be taken care of the same day as your appointment.

Move Your Picnic Site if You Notice Bee Activity

Bees fly alone when they are finding nectar. If you are on a picnic and notice one or two bees landing on nearby flowers, that’s generally no reason to be alarmed. But if you are outdoors and notice that there are lots of bees buzzing around, that could be a sign that there is a hive nearby. Bee hives can be the home for hundreds or even thousands of bees. Those bees don’t just stay in the hive altogether. You may see dozens of bees landing on nearby branches, or flying together in a small swarm. This is a good indicator that there is a larger colony of bees nearby. If you witness anything like this while on a picnic or another outdoor venture, pack up and move your things to another location. Normal noises and human activity may excite the bees and make them thing that their hive is in danger. If you’re in a public park, contact a local pest company about the hive. They may work with local government officials to get the hive relocated to a safer location so it doesn’t endanger the public.

Stinging insects like bees are nothing to take chances with. Whether or not you or a family member is allergic to bees, it’s important to give bees plenty of space. Never try to handle a bee problem yourself. For help with a bee problem of any size, contact Pride Pest Service today.

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