Winter Season Pest Invaders – How to Keep Them Out

There is falsity in believing that pest home invasion is only possible in the hot days. The fact is there are pests in every season. True to the fact that most pests mainly the flying bugs are gone for the year, a closer inspection will reveal there are those that live among us during the winter season.

Norway Rats

You can spot them by their brown coat, with scattered black hair, and white or grey underside. It also has a short tail, eyes, and ears as compared to its cousins. Reputable in eating stored food and gnawing on literary everything in their path. Their urine and droppings transmit diseases, and they also harbor other disease carriers like fleas and mites collected in their fur.

German Cockroaches

There are many types of cockroaches, but the German is the most notorious amongst them all. The fact is they can breed to over five generations in a year. Their survival depends on the available human dwellings that offer water, food, and warmth.


In the US, there are over 3000 types of spiders, and some inflict harm when bothered. Although they prey on other insects for food, they can be a problem.


Naturally wild animals living in the woods, but they are attracted to human shelters in search of breeding grounds and food. The marauding groups destroy vegetable gardens, break household wares and fixture like cabinet doors in a single invasion.

Firewood Pests

Firewood is a source of warmth that makes the house comfy, but did you know it’s an avenue for other insects into the home? Most of these bugs live on wood, and in a home, they create havoc by constant bites and destroying structures mainly furniture. The common pests to watch out for are termites, wood borers and fire ants.


They are generally the cute, industrious little animals living outdoors. Given a chance in gaining entry into a home and a squirrel will munch on anything, causing damages to linen and other soft materials. It’s good to note that they harbor disease-causing pests like mites and fleas in their fur coats.

Keeping the pests out of your home

There are methods that you can adapt to keep the pest invasion at bay and if already there is an infestation here is how to control them.

Putting away food

Our foodstuffs are the main attraction to these home invaders. By securely locking away food and maintaining a clean environment is a sure fire way in overcoming these pests.

Routine Home Maintenance

The best way to keep rodents away is by sealing all cracks and holes. Covering all areas from the rooftop, broken windows, floors and drain pipes will reduce their chances of accessing your home.

Call a professional

If you can’t handle it, call an expert pest control near you. They are familiar with common local pests and what measures to take in containing the situation.

There you have it, an active pest control company is all you need, and Pride Pest Services is of repute. Not only are they eager to answer your queries but have solutions in pest management. Furthermore, they offer a guarantee for every pest control service.

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