How Bad Are Carpenter Bees In Oceanport, NJ?

People in Oceanport often look at carpenter bees without a second thought. Similar in appearance to bumblebees, carpenter bees don’t seem intimidating. They aren’t overly aggressive and seem to mind their own business. However, this doesn’t mean you should allow this pest to get near. Carpenter bees can be dangerous to your property.

What Are Carpenter Bees?

From a distance, you might find it difficult to tell apart carpenter bees from bumblebees. But there aren’t as many similarities up close, as carpenter bees don’t have yellow markings on their abdomens. Up close, carpenter bees have shiny and smooth abdomens.

Although the appearance of these bees varies by location, most are similar enough to have sleek black bodies and yellow hairs on their throat. They can grow to be about one inch long. One of the easiest ways to identify this type of bee is by its behavior. Carpenter bees bore into wood to create nests. As a solitary insect, one carpenter bee drills a small hole and lives in it alone. It often builds into a frame, eave, or side of a building.

Are Carpenter Bees Harmful?

As with most local bees, carpenter bees aren’t welcome guests on any property. However, these bees are less aggressive than most other bees in the area. The males don’t sting but do often fly near people. They’re particularly attracted to sudden movements.

While the females can sting, they rarely do. They only sting when provoked and don’t have potent venom. Individuals with allergies to bee venom should be wary. If you experience a bee sting, be on the lookout for signs of a negative reaction.

Because these bees are so docile, they don’t pose much of a threat to humans. The real threat comes from their circular nests. Rather than drill one hole, carpenter bees drill multiple holes. Over time, this causes damage to your property. There’s also the danger that comes from woodpecker damage. As the carpenter bee larvae live in the hole, woodpeckers come to eat them.

Carpenter Bee Prevention

If you don’t want to deal with damage to your wood, you should take measures to keep carpenter bees away. This means following a few easy tips:

  • Paint Wood: When you have natural, unpainted wood, it’s easy for carpenter bees to drill holes. Your wood is much less appealing to these pests when it has stains or paints on it. Although painting takes work, it limits property damage and comes with aesthetic appeal.
  • Address Leaks: Because damaged wood is soft, carpenter bees prefer to nest in it. One of the most common causes of soft wood is water damage. To limit water damage on your property, fix leaks before they persist. If you have to, hire a plumber.
  • Repair Damaged Wood: If you have any damaged wood on your property, replace it with new wood. Doing so also makes your home less vulnerable to other Oceabport pests.
  • Repair Rooflines: A damaged roofline is inviting to carpenter bees. Before you have an infestation,  repair your roofline damage. The less damage you have, the harder it will be for carpenter bees to invade.

Work With A Professional

The most effective way to get rid of carpenter bees is to call a professional. Here at Pride Pest Service, we are well-versed in the damage caused by carpenter bees. We know how much you care for your home and want to help you limit the damage.

When you rely on us, you receive ongoing protection against carpenter bees. We can help you eliminate bees from your property and make sure they don’t return. If you want to learn more about our services, call us now.

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